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Alarm Monitoring Belfast

Alarm Monitoring Belfast

For increased security you may wish to have your security system monitored. Alarm monitoring can be linked via the telephone line or cellular network to our Alarm Receiving Centre, a permanently manned call centre, dedicated to monitoring security systems and contacting keyholders, Police or Fire Service when required.

The ARC, often referred to as Central Station, will use automated software to monitor and respond to alarms, but as it is always staffed, there’s no risk of technology failure preventing notification calls.

A number of established and emerging technologies now provide a variety of options for customers when choosing a monitoring solution for their alarm system:

In any business it is essential to protect your assets. Have peace of mind that your business in protected with 24hr monitoring. Contact our team today to see how we can help provide the most secure solutions for your business. Our focus is to supply you the best possible solution for your business or home.

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