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Traditional CCTV

Essentially, a Traditional CCTV system comprises one or more cameras and either a software, or hardware, based image recording facility. Until recently, CCTV cameras operated by transmitting digital video signals through copper cables to a central location where the video signal is recorded. While traditional cameras still have their place, today’s more sophisticated IP cameras produce digital output and use IP networks to relay their images. The number and type of cameras you choose will depend on your budget, the subject and the extent of the surveillance area.

By identifying your specific security needs and concerns we will install a CCTV system which gives you:

  • High quality CCTV cameras night vision, monitor and recording equipment
  • Installations of all equipment at the ideal locations to provide maximum protection
  • Optimum levels of security, control and deterrence for peace of mind
  • Protecting you at an affordable and competitive price
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    Traditional CCTV

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    CCTV Equipment

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    Smart CCTV

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