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Smart CCTV

Smart CCTV

Traditionally it is accepted throughout the industry that security systems are generally passive and prone to multiple false alarms costing businesses both time and money. Focus Security Solutions believe that by using the best technology available (Smart CCTV) company’s no longer have to accept second best with their security systems.

CCTV Video Analytics for Security

Intelligent CCTV is the future

Analytic CCTV doesn’t just act as an ordinary camera activation with a PIR dectector – It acts as a security guard as well. With advanced technology and intelligence software, an analytic CCTV system can automatically detect, analyse and track movements of objects or people within its field of view.

This means that it can record and even alert you or a remote operators when it sees certain behaviours or actions taking place within the protected area.

The most common question we get asked about Video Analytics is does the existing system need to be replaced, Well the Answer is NO, unless you want to replace your system.

Video Analytics can simply be added to your existing system providing the cameras have the required field of view and have good images.

Smart Track Analytics

Smart Track is our video analytic’s detection software platform and is the basis of all our systems. Smart track has embedded algorithms that can identify people or vehicles within the camera image. Other causes of activations such as animals can also be classified and identified or excluded as required. On activation the alarm can be transmitted to an operator with a clear highlight around the cause of the alarm.

Smart Wire Analytic’s

Smart Wire video analytics allows the user to create any number of virtual lines anywhere on the scene. The line can be single or multiple direction and only alarms when the classified object (person, vehicle or other) has completely crossed the line. This can be used to identify vehicles travelling the wrong way or people moving towards a restricted area.

Smart Scene Analytic’s

Smart scene video analytics will identify and alarm when a classified object (person, vehicle or other) has remained within a scene for a given length of time. This means that people or vehicles travelling through a scene are ignored but if they become stationary within the scene an activation is created. Can be used for illegal parking or people loitering in critical areas.

Smart Watch

Smart Watch video analytics analyses the scene and recognises when an object has either been added or taken away from the scene. A box highlights the left or removed object. The activation is then stored locally and sent remotely.

Analytic CCTV moving to the next level

As experts in analytic CCTV, our team can install and then ‘train’ this state-of-the-art analytic CCTV system to respond to certain behaviours or actions. It can detect people or objects, analyse what they’re doing and track them every step of the way. It can be set up to only record activity it detects, or it can even send an alert to operators (locally or remotely) if it spots suspicious activity.

  • Intelligent Detection of people or vehicles
  • Dramatically Reduces False Alarms
  • SmartTrack – SmartWire – SmartScene – SmartWatch
  • Maximum Detection
  • Remote Monitoring (Client or Control Room)
  • Maximum Detection

CCTV Video Analytics for business efficiency

The use of video analytics in the retail environment is on the increase. Focus Security Solutions customer intelligence I-LIDS accredited video analytics software is a proven way to increase sales conversion rates, staff efficiency and customer service while at the same time reducing staff and customer fraud. Video analytics will utilise your businesses current infrastructure of security cameras and recording equipment to the benefit of the company beyond the needs of the Security Managers. This will save you both time and money, making the decision to invest in the future of your business, a cost effective one. Focus Security Solutions video analytics have already been introduced into some of the UK’s biggest and most successful retailers and provided them with a significant return on their investment.

Transaction without Customer (TWC)

Staff fraud and theft can be a big problem for many retailers today. Transaction without Customer video analytics will identify when the POS drawer is opened but no customer is present and so will reach this problem head on. It can be linked to specific transactions such as “No Sale” and “Refund” or simply on each occasion the drawer opens. An alert of the activation can be sent locally or remotely and is attached to the video. All TWC alerts can then be saved together and reviewed later to identify the problem.

Unattended Customer

Customers often walk in and out of stores without being attended to by a sales clerk. In many cases this is a loss in potential sales that could have been made and wasteful of staff resources. Unattended Customer video analytics will identify when a customer has remained in a specific area for a pre defined length of time. Multiple areas can be designated and each can have a different wait time. The alert can be sent to a staff pager, email, light, alarm, audile warning or even play a pre recorded message to inform staff of the location of the unattended customer. Unattended Customer video analytics is a proven way for retailers to increase their sales conversion rates and utilse their staff better.

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