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CCTV Maintenance Belfast

CCTV Maintenance Belfast Northern Ireland

Whilst it’s important to install the best possible system for your property, it’s also vital that you keep it working at optimum levels. One of the big aspects of doing this is a complete regular programme of CCTV maintenance.

Regular CCTV systems maintenance is important since it helps ensure that your system works properly, and choosing to have it done will help ensure maximum performance and in many cases may even improve the overall functionality of your system. In short, it’s a must for anyone serious about getting the most from their system.

We maintain a wide variety of security camera systems for commercial and residential customers across the province. Our service is flexible, reliable and competitive.

There are three CCTV system maintenance packages for you to choose from depending on your requirements and budget. CCTV system maintenance is renewed annually, so you will never find yourself tied into a contract if you don’t feel that our service delivers good value for money

Package Includes: Bronze Silver Gold
Two annual preventative maintenance visits * * *
One engineer call out in the same year * *
Engineers availability 24 hours * * *
Emergency response within 4 hours * * *
Parts included (excluding batteries) *
Service Report * * *
Discount on standard call out charge * * *
Technical support * * *
Insurance approved service * * *

* Gold package is available only to CCTV systems installed by Focus Security Solutions within the last 2 years

One-off call outs to repair your CCTV system

We recommend customers have a regular maintenance plan in place. But if you don’t want to commit to a maintenance contract for your intruder alarm, you can request an engineer visit for a one-off call-out fee. Depending on the alarm system and the problem, this is usually £70 +VAT for a call out to investigate an issue with a CCTV system

The highest standards in alarm maintenance

We only use equipment of the highest quality, and all of our systems meet the requirements set out in the British and European Standards NACP20 and the ACPO Policy. We are Gold members of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) scheme and Constructionline.

A preventative CCTV maintenance schedule includes:

  • Visual inspection of all major components and connections for signs of deterioration or damage
  • Checks upon all control equipment (DVRs, VCRs, monitors, multiplexers, video switchers, telemetry units etc.) for correct operation
  • Checks upon mains & power supplies and stand-by batteries including charging rates
  • Checks upon environmental conditions for adverse effects, including growth or shrubbery obscuring camera views
  • Checks upon time and date settings in equipment and update the settings as appropriate
  • Checks upon integrity of all cabling and sample check external insulation for damage
  • Cleaning of cable fixings for security
  • Checks upon auxiliary lighting equipment, infra-red units and photocells (if any) for correct operation
  • Checks upon air vents are clear in all control equipment including PCs
  • Cleaning of cameras, lenses and housing surfaces as necessary
  • Checks upon al glands and seals on external equipment
  • Cleaning of control equipment surfaces including PC (if applicable)
  • Establishing that regular back-ups are being taken (if applicable)
  • Checks upon cameras to ensure that they are aligned to user specification, pictures for correct field of view and adjust as necessary
  • Checks upon brackets, towers and fixings for corrosion or damage. Check clamping bolts/brackets are tightened correctly
  • Checks upon wash/wipe units and wiper blades (if any) for correct operation and fill washer reservoir where necessary
  • Checks upon the quality of recording during day time and night time modes
  • Checks upon pan and tilt assembly (if any) including fixings, electrical connections and functions.
  • Checks upon the satisfactory CCTV transmission of images to remote site (if applicable)
  • Checks upon warning signs are in place
  • Checks upon all camera presets (if applicable)
  • Checks upon all alarm presets (if applicable)
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