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Access control for business security

Access Control v Traditional Locks and Keys – All businesses have a responsibility to protect their staff, property and most of all their assets which is typically achieved through locks and keys.

Although locks and keys allow a building to be secured; doors can be left unlocked; keys can be lost, stolen, copied or created, all of which pose a significant security risk and a considerable administrative burden.

Control of access offers a secure, convenient, flexible and cost effective way of controlling who can enter your building and when accessing the property is allowed.

As technology becomes more and more developed we can offer your business the maximium protection against intruders and unwanted visitors. Select the system that would best suit your business and get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

  • access control turnstiles


  • PC based Access control

    PC-Based Access Control

  • Vehicle Control Access control

    Vehicle Barriers

  • Intercom access control

    Intercoms for Access Control

  • Stand Alone access control

    Standalone Access Control

  • card printers

    Card Printers