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Securing your Business

Securing your business in Belfast Northern Ireland

How Important is Security for Your Business

In both 2015 and 2014 there were over 3,000 non-domestic burglaries, which means business were targeted for theft over 6,000 times in the past two years in Northern Ireland. Business theft can have a disastrous result on ongoing custom – and reputation – but you can help to prevent this from happening to your business by installing a security system. Over the last decade, security solutions have become more and more advanced, leaving small and large business owners alike with plenty of options to choose from. There is without a doubt a security system that will protect your business and bring with it additional benefits.

There are many different security solutions, but most businesses find that a custom package fits their needs best. Every business has its own security needs and its own, often unique, premises; therefore, it is only reasonable to take a good look at an individual business before choosing a security system. Bespoke security solutions are usually much more cost effective, because a business does not pay for more security than they actually need. Instead, they end up paying for exactly what matches those needs.

Modern Systems

Basic security solutions are always available such as automated gates, intruder alarms, and security lighting. These are all great ways to deter criminals, but they are not always enough to prevent a burglary from occurring. However, security solutions have been evolving with the available technology. Today CCTV is totally normal to use in businesses, as is access control that is operated via IT Networks.

Remote security solutions are also effective and efficient ways to protect your business in Northern Ireland. Remote systems can be operated from off the premises, and in some situations can involve a real-time security monitor that watches the property constantly. These systems can be activated to close off a burglar who enters the building, so that they are contained until proper help can arrive. The best security solutions are integrated into your infrastructure. While this does require an upfront cost, over time it will lead to the best protection – and instant alerts.

Many systems offer perks such as email, text, and call alerts anytime a burglar alarm or fire alarm is triggered. Motion detectors can also provide alerts when triggered, and these can be placed in sensitive areas of a business, or near entryways. These are just a few of the many ways that you can ensure your business is not one of the 3,000 at risk this year.