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Home Security in Northern Ireland

Top 10 reasons why home security systems are a must in 2017

In Northern Ireland there were over 9,000 burglaries committed last year, which was a marked increase of 3% compared to the number of burglaries committed in 2014. This upward trend seems to suggest that domestic burglary is becoming more ‘popular’, which can be frightening for the average homeowner. However, home security systems can downgrade the risk. Here are the top ten reasons why home security systems are a must in 2016.

Protect your Family

No one wants to be burgled, but even worse scenarios can occur if you or your family is at home at the time of the burglary. A proper security system can help alert authorities if a burglary occurs and you cannot raise the alarm.

Fire Protection as well as Security Protection

While most people consider a security system for protection from intruders, there is an extra perk of fire safety available. If smoke is detected in a home most security systems warn home occupants, and many others also automatically call for help.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Similarly, a home security system can often detect carbon monoxide. This can be deadly so the faster it is recognised, the happier the results.

Get Peace of Mind

Those who live alone, and the elderly, often worry because they feel more vulnerable. However, home security systems can dispatch authorities at any sign of danger so people can feel confident that help is on the way for them.

Burglary is on the Rise

As we mentioned previously, domestic burglary is trending upwards, so now is the time to finally install a home security system if it's something that you have been considering in the past.

Protect Your Investment

It is estimated that the average burglary results in a loss of about £1500. In addition, some valuables are irreplaceable, making their loss even more devastating. One of the benefits of a home security system is that even if it does not deter a criminal, it can often capture them on film, helping to identify the crook so that homeowners can get their valuables back.

Home is Always Monitored

If you are a frequent traveller, a home security system can help put your mind at rest, since you know that your home is being monitored while you are away. Plus, many offer remote services so you can check in while you are away.

Medical Alerts

Some home security systems have medical alert functions built in, which can be very helpful for the elderly or those with serious health conditions. A multi-purpose system can help save your life or the life of a loved one.

Home Automation

Another new technology that is built into many multi purpose systems is home automation, which allows homeowners to remotely contact their homes and check on security and the status of their homes. In some cases, this can also mean controlling the thermostat and lighting.

Reduce Insurance Payments

In almost every scenario, your home owner’s insurance will drop dramatically once you have a home security system installed.

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