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Clonard Monastary

clonard monastary cctv installation

Case Study: Clonard Monastary

Project Brief

What were the requirements of the project for Clonard? Where there any specific problems that needed solved or solutions that would need provided? Was the project on a specific timescale or did it have any challenges.

We needed to bring our church up to date regarding fire safety and public safety. We also needed to install more security cameras both inside & outside of the church. We also wanted a screen monitor in the sacristy to see what was happening in the church and outside. We also needed a burglar alarm in the church, sacristy etc.. This was part of a larger project to restore our Church as it turned 100 years old. The project was completed on time and within budget.

What was the process from enquiry to job completion?

From the initial enquiry, what happened and how was your problems resolved. How did you feel about how the entire process was handled and were you happy with the provided solutions.

Focus worked with the design team and general builder to fit into their schedule re wiring etc and it all seemed to have gone smoothly.

Overall opinion

Were you pleased with the overall job? Could you provide any feedback? Would you recommend Focus Security Solutions to other organisations?

We were pleased with the overall outcome Yes the cameras have lead to people being caught and reported to the police. The fire alarm have helped us to be fire compliant and more at ease that we can cope in an emergency. Thanks God the burglar alarm has not been activated yet.

We would recommend Focus Security Solutions to other organisations.

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