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AHD CCTV vs Analogue

As technology in the CCTV market has advanced, also have the challenges of integration with existing systems and equipment which remain in place and that continue to function effectively. With the introduction of IP camera's, has come the obstacle of re-laying network cables to each camera - even if a cable had already be run for an existing analogue camera... until now. AHD (short for analogue high definition) is a new technology allowing high definition cameras to be connected to existing coaxial cables (and some digital recorders) to provide a higher quality of picture than existing analogue cameras could. See the below examples of an existing 960H camera picture vs. a 720P AHD camera picture to see the difference in quality! Another great advantage is the ability to be able to zoom into 720P AHD pictures whilst holding quality similar to 960H 960H-CCTV-camera-resolution 720p-AHD-CCTV-camera-resolution

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